Tattoo after mastectomy/ reconstructive surgery: 3D Tattoo, Areola/Nipple

Areola and/or Nipple Tattoo: We are honored to have this opportunity.

Tattoo after mastectomy; In some procedures, the surgeon removes the entire breast, including the nipple, areola, and skin.   To be honest, I never knew this, nor did I have any understanding of what these cancer survivors battle through. 

There are few choices for woman and I truly feel that the 3D Tattoo of the Nipple is a great option. Our goal is to create a positive experience at an affordable price & supply the highest quality breast cancer tattoos / 3D Nipple tattoos in Nashua NH. Also, Artist can design complete chest tattoos for women.  Just let your Artist know.  If you search tattoo in lowell, tattoo parlors near me in Lowell, search for tattoo parlors near me in Nashua.   Referred by Dr. Walden, NH Plastics.