Tattoo shop near me - Mayhem Ink Tattoo

We do our best to have 2 Artist open for walk-ins

If your looking for a local tattoo shop and are in Massachusetts search tattoo shop near me in Nashua NH.   Mayhem Ink Tattoo is 15 minutes from the Mass. boarder.   Our Artist put out the same quality work for $25 to $50 less than in Mass. or Salem NH.   How?  Mayhem has a low overhead and we do all the  maintenence.  The savings equals lower tattoo cost to our customers.  

Mayhem Ink Tattoo

89 W Pearl St, Nashua NH 03060

(603) 595-8282


Call before 7:00 PM if coming later because if it is slow Artist will leave at 7:00 PM  


Weekdays - Quarter Fed Meters in front of Mayhem,  

Card Fed in Parking Garages.   

Saturday - FREE in Garages & Off-street.   

Sunday & Holidays - FREE everywhere.

   Cheapest Meters:  School St Lot - No Time Limit & .50 an Hour. 

Why NH for a tattoo shop near me

Same quality work for less cash than in Mass!