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Mayhem Ink Tattoo is a custom tattoo parlor featuring artists who have come together to provide an experience as memorable as the piece of art that will be brought to life on your skin. Our artists are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness, professionalism and artistry while in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

1996 Mayhem Ink was formed.

2015 the original founder retired, and Mayhem Ink Tattoo was formed.  During the past years we have hired twenty-six Artist. All Artists came with excellent references and portfolios. To date, we have fired eighteen of them due to various reason but all valid. Artists are Independent Subcontractors and very rarely are they held accountable for the quality of their work and in some cases their work ethics. Being a victim of an awful tattoo, I have made it my mission to stand behind our work. If an Artist does not get it right, we will make it right! At Mayhem we will not say "they are Independent Subcontractors" and end the conversation.  We will continue to build on our current team of Artists while recruiting new Artists doing everything possible to find the best Artist for your new tattoo. 

Process and Procedures: My thirty years of experience as Program Manager, Export Control Officer, and Marketing Specialist gave me the experience to run a Tattoo Parlor/Shop as a business. When you have a written process in place it really makes it easier for us to keep you safe and you leave with the tattoo you came in for.  I am often asked "if you are not a tattoo artist why do you own a tattoo shop"?  My question is "if you are a tattoo artist why do you own one? why wouldn't you want to focus on your art and tattooing? I know what is required to run a safe and legal tattoo shop and you cannot do both correctly".   Half the tattoo shops I have encountered lack ink audits, a cleaning process, insurance, and some aren't even registered as a business in NH.   Just to be clear, we do have two Artists that have ownership in Mayhem Ink Tattoo and their job is to focus on tattooing. 

I believe it is critical to have a quality control system in place. Recently, we put another step in place: photograph of the completed tattoo is emailed to quality control for review. Every customer will be given aftercare and ask that they contact us with any issues at 

Mayhem's Tattoo Shops, Nashua & Salem NH Jan 2020

We are recruiting the best of the best Artist as we split the team Jan 2020.   We are opening a second location!  We are looking for three new professional licensed artist.  If you know an Artist that would be a great fit ask them to stop in or call us at 603-595-8282.  

Professional Tattoo Parlor in NH

Hopefully the following will give you comfort when choosing Mayhem for your new tattoo:

  •  Business Reg: 706813 
  • Certificate of Ins: Allstate/Tapco: NTPNH-F
  •  Facility: Sterilized Daily w/ MADACIDE  
  • Artist Booths: Sterilized after every client with MADACIDE
  • Artist & NH License #:
  • Catherine Roberts #3075 
  • Bill Quindley #3109
  • Grant Efinger # 3273
  • Jon Coimbra #3277
  • Anthony Sheehan #3305
  • Randy King #3035
  • Erin Kach #2050 Guest
  • Justin Swimm #3396
  • Mayhem has  6 members  (2 Artist)
  • Charities: Suicide Prevention, Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence,  NH Artist 4 Autism,  Breast Cancer Awareness, NFFA 

Mayhem Ink Tattoo

89 W Pearl St, Nashua NH 03060

(603) 595-8282 Email:

If you require special hours, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Open today

12:00 pm – 08:00 pm


Weekdays - Street & Parking Garage  

Saturday - FREE in Garages

 & Off-street.   

Sunday & Holidays - FREE everywhere.

Cheapest Meters:  School St Lot - No Time Limit & .50 an Hour. 


Best tattoo shop in NH?  Mayhem was voted #1 Tattoo Shop in Nashua NH.   The quality work & pricing is far better than in Lowell, Manchester, & surrounding area. 

Stop in & see why we were voted Best Tattoo Shop in Nashua NH!