Best Tattoo Artist & Tattoo Shop near me in Nashua NH

Devin Volpes, Tattoo Artist

Devin's art talent, tattooing skill, & hunger for knowledge makes him one of the top artist in the area.  Devin is one of the nicest people I have had the privledge of knowing.  In my humble opinion Devin is one of the best tattoo artist in NH and a key role in the Best Tattoo Artist Team in Nashua.  Also, best tattoo artist near me, southern NH & Mass.

Gary Stearly, Tattoo Artist

 Gary's years of experience has made him a valuable mentor for our younger Artists.  Professional, talented, & an amazing Artist / Tattoo Artist.  Gary specializes in portraits, realism, and the larger more detailed tattoos.   His years of knowledge will help you understand the importance of planning a larger tattoo and slowing you down, 

Katie Roberts, Tattoo Artist

Female tattoo artist in NH

Katie has been with Mayhem since 18 yrs old  & is our youngest licensed Artist.  Her edgy style, creative vision, makes her key to our team.   Katie has tattoo me several times & I can wait for my next one 

Billie Jo, Tattoo Artist

 Billie Jo has 10+ years of tattooing experience.  She loves the "galaxy" style tattoos but is well rounded in all tattoo styles.  Billie Jo owned a successful studio for years & recently decided to just enjoy what she loves, tattooing.   She is a very unique artist and brings her artistic vision into every tattoo.   She won't hesitate to draw your design on you & start tattooing away.  We are very excited with our newest artist who joined us at the beginning of 2018.  

American Traditional Tattoo in Nashua NH

American Traditional Tattoo in NH

Traditional sail boat tattoo

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