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black and grey tattoo

Anthony's favorite tattoo style; Realism

What is a realism tattoo?

Any tattoo or work of art that is meant to look realistic

Black & Grey Tattoo

 Grey scale Tattoos Work Great For Realism The black and grey color scheme adds a level of drama and sophistication that is hard to match! 

Tattoo Cover Up for "cutting' Scars

tattoo cover up

A Customer's Challenge

Look closely at this beautiful rose tattoo.

What you don't see are the deep scars from years of self harming.   After years of self harming she explained how it was in her past however, she was embarrassed by the scars and it was hard having the constant reminder. She was turned away by three shops and was hoping we could help her. 


Anthony listen to her story and said  he could see what she was describing, he could hind the scars, and he would do it for what she could afford.   I was so impressed that he was confident that he could do this tattoo and that he was willing to do it for what she could afford. ( best tattoo shop in nh, best tattoo parlor in nh, best tattoo shop in ma, Salem, Nashua, Lowell)

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