Custom Design Tattoo NH

Custom Tattoo by Billie Jo

Billie Jo's hours are :

12:00 PM - till closing 

Day's off when requested. 

By Appointment or Walk-Ins

Custom Tattoo by Devin

Devin's hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 

Friday & Saturday:

12:00 - 7:00 PM

Custom Tattoo by Gary 1st sitting

Gary's hours are: 

Sunday, Monday, Thursday, 

Friday, and Saturday:

12:00 - 7:00 PM

What is needed for a custom design tattoo?

Free Consultation

To set up an appointment for a free 15-30 minute consultation please call us at (603) 595-8282 or send us an email to: 

What should you bring?

Thoughts, ideas, sketches, pictures or anything that will help the Artist capture your ideas for your new custom design tattoo.   Think about the size and location so the Artist can make sure there is enough room and the design will flow with the shape of the area.   


Artist will give you an estimate for new tattoo however, if you have a budget please let the Artist know so they can plan.   Also, the tattoo can be broken into sessions to make it more affordable and easier if it is a large piece.  Artist will then review how to prepare for the tattoo, what you should do the day of, and make an appointment around your schedule for your new tattoo. 


Custom Design Tattoo in Nashua, Custom Design Tattoo NH