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Tattooed Customer's Surveys

Once tattooed, if you leave a phone number within a week you will receive a request to complete our survey.

Winner of $250 Gift Certificate Brian M

Survey Contest completed and we may run again in Oct. 2018

Tattooed Customers response

Customers tattooed starting Jan 1st thru Feb 23, 2018 have submitted their "true" response.  

Unfortunately, it is to easy for people to post negative comments for personal gain.   Therefore, we brought back our internal surveys.  

On the positive, it helps us improve and we thank you for all the positive and will work on what we need to improve. 

Tattoo Survey - Complete to win

If you have not received the survey, send us an email: 

Leave your full name so that we can verify date of tattooed.   Once confirm we will responsed with the survey. 

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Inside a Tattoo Parlor in Nashua NH.  Tattoo Shops or a Tattoo Parlor in NH? Stop on in & immediately you will see what the difference is!  Comfort, chill atmosphere, and a place to get a high quality tattoo without being rushed through at an affordable price. 

Mayhem Ink Tattoo Parlor's Internal Surveys

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