Billie Jo, Grant, & Bill have 15 yrs experience

Katie, Erin, Jon, Anthony, Randy have 5 yrs experience

Katie is also certified in Eyebrow Microblading. 

Our Services:

Free  Consultation, Tattoo Appointments, Tattoo Walk-Ins, & Free Touch Ups as needed for 90 days.

Tattoo near me in Nashua-Mayhem voted #1 in Nashua

best tattoo shop in  nh

Why a Tattoo shop in Nashua NH

 If you are searching for tattoo designs for your new custom tattoo near me in Nashua  stop in at Mayhem Ink Tattoo.

Mayhem was voted BEST TATTOO SHOP IN NASHUA & 6TH IN NH (out 82 tattoo shops).  Artist are Talented, Creative, Experienced, Professional, Licensed, & Insured.   Mayhem Ink Tattoo is a Registered NH Tattoo Shop/Parlor, we are fully insured, & our #1 focus is Customer Satisfaction. 

So If you are looking for a tattoo near me in Lowell or Tattoo near me in Manchester drive 20 min. north or south to Mayhem Ink Tattoo.  Excellent tattoos for a reasonable price. 

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Free Consultation Appointment

How does it work? Call  us @ (603) 595-8282 or email us at to request a free consultation if:

  • Tattoo Value is $300 or more 
  • Tattoo is a custom piece 
  • Tattoo is going over self harm scars.   Customer was refused by 3 other shops due to severe self-harm scars.  Anthony did a free consultation, designed within the hour, and tattooed the same day. 

Smaller tattoos do not require a free consultation & if you want to check out the shop just stop on in . 


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Looking for a sleeve tattoo, Custom and Walk-Ins in Nashua  Stop on in for your next tattoo in Nashua NH

We have two portrait / realism artist.  If you want a portrait of a love one (human or animal) call us (603) 595-8282

Tattoo designs for your next custom tattoo. Custom and walk-ins in Nashua

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