Free tattoo consultation

tattoo cover up

15 Min. Consultation w/Artist gave me the right direction for a desperately needed cover-up.  Original Artist used glycerin ink, not water based so it took.4 laser sessions by Disappearing Ink before Grant could cover with Archangel Gabriel & now loving my new tattoo. 

Customize you reference to the next level for your new tattoo.

lion tattoo  picture

We take your thoughts,  ideas, &  picture reference & customize for you.  

Customer was originally booked with another artist at Mayhem that tattooed his wife.  After researching he decided to pick another Artist but uncomfortable.   Artist said "this is about you & not a problem" and truly meant it.   The above was his picture reference for his realism lion. 

Here is Jon's version after the 1st Session

Lion Tattoo

Jon redrew the lion to fit our customer's arm & make sure the Lion's face was in full view.    Second sitting, crown will be added.   

All Day Price for Larger Tattoos

military tattoo sleeve

We realize that everyone is busy with life so we decided to offer an all day price.  Clear your day & Artist of your choice will do the same.  Call for details:  (603) 595-8282 on an all day session price.


Free Touch-Ups

FREE Touch-Ups by appointment with original artist within 90 days of tattoo.  

Larger detailed tattoos, we will extend & ask that you return even if you are happy so we can double check & take a "healed tattoo" picture. We want to make sure you are happy with your new tattoo.   If for any reason you want a different Artist email owner @ .

Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading Eyebrows in NH

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Tattoo near me in Nashua-The best-Mayhem voted #1 in Nashua

best tattoo shop in  nh

Why a Tattoo shop in Nashua NH

 If you are searching for tattoo designs for your new custom tattoo near me in Nashua  stop in at Mayhem Ink Tattoo.

Mayhem was voted BEST TATTOO SHOP IN NASHUA & 6TH IN NH (out 82 tattoo shops).  Artist are Talented, Creative, Experienced, Professional, Licensed, & Insured.   Mayhem Ink Tattoo is a Registered NH Tattoo Shop/Parlor, we are fully insured, & are #1 focus is Customer Satisfaction. 

So If you are looking for a tattoo near me in Lowell or Tattoo near me in Manchester drive 20 min. north or south to Mayhem Ink Tattoo.  Excellent tattoos for a reasonable price. 

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Custom design tattoo

Custom Design Tattoo in NH

 This young lady described her struggle with "good verses evil'  & Katie created the design below.   She absolutely loved it & tattoo was started. and has one more session to go.   How does it work?

  • Free Consultation 
  • $150 Deposit Required - Drawing Time & Appointment Time 
  • One Day Price is $800 - Artist will sit & design with you and start tattoo same day.   Larger back pieces or sleeves may require additional time which will be an additional charge. 

Unfortunately, drawings do not leave the shop.  If you which to view prior to tattoo you will need to come into shop or view prior to appointment & artist can make small adjustments within 30 minutes.   Any adding or last minute changes will require an additional charged depending on the drawing changes.   Deposits are none refundable however, we allow 1 schedule change with a 48 hrs notice.   

Tattoo Walk-Ins near me

Tattoo Walk-Ins @ Mayhem Ink Tattoo

Looking for a sleeve tattoo, Custom and Walk-Ins in Nashua  Stop on in for your next tattoo in Nashua NH

Tattoo designs for your next custom tattoo. Custom and walk-ins in Nashua

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