Gaming tattoo near me? Bill, Licensed & Experienced.

Bill, Licensed Tattoo Artist

 “Saint” Bill has been tattooing in different tattoo shops for almost 2 decades, his style is illustrative, floral and new school. He loves gaming and “anything nerdy” tattoos. He is a United States Air Force veteran, who proudly served in Panama and the Middle East, and a Freemason. Before he started his tattoo career, Bill was a counselor for years, and still enjoys listening to your problems as he tattoos you. If you are looking for a tattoo near me & live in Lowell, Billerica, Manchester or surrounding areas stop in at our Nashua location at 89 W Pearl St.

Video Game Tattoo Artist

Searching for tattoo near me? or tattoo shops in Manchester or Lowell? Bill is a licensed, experienced, & professional tattoo Artist in Nashua NH.  Favorite style - Video Game Tattoos.