Gaming tattoo near me? Bill, Licensed & Experienced.

Bill, Licensed Tattoo Artist

 “Saint” Bill has been tattooing in different tattoo shops for almost 2 decades, his style is illustrative, floral and new school. He loves gaming and “anything nerdy” tattoos. He is an United States Air Force veteran, who proudly served in Panama and the Middle East, and a Freemason. Before he started his tattoo career, Bill was a counselor for years, and still enjoys listening to your problems as he tattoos you. If you are looking for a tattoo near me & live in Lowell, Billerica, Manchester or surrounding areas stop in at our Nashua location at 89 W Pearl St.

Video Game Tattoo Artist

Searching for tattoo near me? or tattoo shops in Manchester or Lowell? Bill, is a licensed, experienced, & professional tattoo Artist in Nashua NH.  Favorite style - Video Game Tattoos.