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tattoo design

Tattoo Design by Anthony


Questions to think about:

What’s your motivation for getting a tattoo?

Determine what type of Tattoo Collector you are:

1. You want art, specifically art created from photo references customized for you.


2. You want a new tattoo for symbolic reasons--they want to commemorate a person, capture a memory, mark a milestone, or symbolically capture other aspect of your life.

Basic Questions:

· Size?

· Color or black and grey?

· Color: 3 to 5 of your favorite colors that you would like to incorporate?

· Location?

· Do you have a budget you want to stay within?

Stop in so we can hear your story and bring your photo references

·  What is the emotion, feeling you want to portray? 

· Is it fun, mysterious, serious, deep/dark?

· What is the main purpose for choosing “me” as your Tattoo Artist?

· What do you like about my tattoos?

· What do you want to stay away from?

· What do you like about the reference images you sent me?

· What are the things you “HAVE” to have in the images?

artist are looking to tattoo this on you

By Jon

tattoo design

By Jon

tattoo design

By Bill

Tattoo Design

By Katie

Tattoo design

Artist will design your new tattoo for you!


Tattoo by Bill 

By Bill

Tattoo design
Tattoo Artist
by Anthony


Do you want an original tattoo? Some custom ink? The best tattoos are when you sit with the Artist & they come up with your own tattoo design.   

$150 Deposit will start the Artist drawing your next tattoo & your deposit will be applied towards the total cost of your new tattoo. 

To set up a Free Consultation or to leave a deposit

Call us at: 



Email us at: .

We are located 20 mins from Lowell & Billerica in Nashua NH

Original Tattoos

tattoo ideas

Artist to draw your new tattoo

Book an all days session with Artist of your choice.

Bring your tattoo ideas and they will create your tattoo design.  

Our Nashua location is 20 minutes from Billerica. 

Jan 2020 check out our new location in Salem NH. 

Email us at: or call us at 603-595-8282.  



Deposit is applied towards the ALL DAY SESSION price 

Email us at: