Best Tattoo Parlor near me - Mayhem Ink Tattoo, Nashua NH

 We, as a team, want to inspire & create your personal artwork & ideas for your new tattoo.   

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Full Time Artists @ Mayhem to book call Us @ 603-595-8282

Katie, Licensed Tattoo Artist

best female tattoo artist near e

Favorite Style, her own!  Katie is our edgy new school style tattoo artist &  Eyebrow Microblading   Katie is available every day but Monday & Thursday. 

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Grant, Licensed Tattoo Artist

black & grey tattoo artist

Favorite Styles?  Realism, Black & Grey & Custom Design.  With 20 years of experience Grant is definitely key to our team.   Book with Grant  @ anytime.  Grant makes himself available by appointment only (occasionally you can catch him for a walk-ins). 

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Billie Jo, Licensed Tattoo Artist * Click on picture to view her page

female tattoo artist in MA

Favorite Style, her own.    With over 15 yrs experience Billie Jo can do all tattooing styles.  She is professional, honest, and a really down to earth nice person.   Book with Billie Jo on any day but Tuesday & Wednesday.

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Anthony, Licensed Tattoo Artist

best tattoo artist in nh

New talent to Mayhem, seasoned realism tattoo artist.    You can book with Anthony on any day but Monday & Tuesdays. 

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Part Time Artists at Mayhem

Bill, Licensed Tattoo Artist

Video Game Tattoo Artist

 Favorite Style, Gaming Tattoos.  Book with Bill on: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. 

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Erin, Licensed Tattoo Artist

Best female tattoo Artist

 Erin  steadied at the NH Institute of Arts & worked with some of the best artist in the area.   Book with Erin on  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, & Saturdays. 

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Jon, Licensed Tattoo Artist

realism tattoo artist


Favorite Style, Realism & Black & Grey.  Book with Jon on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. 

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Briana, Front Desk & Artist Apprentice


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Cathy, Front Desk etc.


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About Us

Best Team

best shop in Nashua

We have a team photo with the help from Photoshop lol

Last row left to right:  Katie, Fern, Jon, Bill.

Front Row left to right:  Erin, Cathy, Briana, Grant, & Billie Jo 

1st try at team photo

best tattoo shop in NH

Katie, Jon, Bill, Cathy and Grant .

2nd try at team photo

best tattoo shop in nh

Bill, Katie, Fern, Jon, Cathy Billie Jo, Erin 

Why Mayhem ?

We strive for excellence!

Mayhem’s Team of Artist is a team of excellence!   
All Artist are licensed & exceed 

the State of NH licensing requirements.
Mayhem’s goal has always been 100% Customer Satisfaction. 

Best Tattoo Parlor in Nashua & Best Tattoo Parlor in NH - 

Mayhem Ink Tattoo 

Mayhem Ink Tattoo, LLC

89 W Pearl St Nashua, New Hampshire 03060, United State

(603) 595-8282


If you call before closing time an Artist will stay.   

Additional times are available by 

appointment only & minimum $50 Deposit. 

Free consultation apt form - if we do not respond call us 603-595-8282. we have had issues with certain emails not coming through. Thank You!

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Eyebrow Microblading

eyebrow microblading near me

Licensed Body Art Practitioner & Microblading Certified

Licensed Body Art  Practitioner with special training in Eyebrow Microblading.  We provide Eyebrow Microblading in a private studio within Mayhem Ink Tattoo.   

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