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Video Game Tattoo Artist

 Bill has years of tattooing experience & is a real nice, chill, person.  We are also proud to say that Bill is a veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm.  After stopping at a few tattoo shops he did a guest spot at Mayhem & never left.  Bill is now a member at Mayhem.  Check out his tattoos!

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Concord, Billerica, and surrounding areas we are the best pick for your tattoo near me.




Best female tattoo Artist

 Erin studied at the NH Institute of Arts & worked with some of the best artist in NH tattoo shops.  Erin is known for her fine line detailed tattoos and if you are searching for tattoo near me, stop in and speak with Erin at

 Mayhem Ink Tattoo, Nashua NH, 40 mins from Concord & even closer to Billerica. 




Spanish tattoo artist

Luis is what I call a tattoo beast!  Hard working, always with a smile & eager to please.  His skills...amazing!  Luis has five year of experience. speaks fluent Spanish & we are so happy that when he was looking at tattoo shops in the Nashua area he picked Mayhem.  So happy to have him on our team!  Check out his tattoos!  




female tattoo artist

Bio TBD 

Check out Niki's Tattoos 

Looking for tattoo near me & coming from Concord? After looking at other tattoo shops check out Mayhem's tattoos. 

Located in Nashua & 30 min from Billerica 




tattoo artist in nh

Bio TBD 

Looking for tattoo near me. 

Check out Jerrie's tattoos. 

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Mayhem’s Team of Artists are a team of excellence!   
All Artist are licensed & exceed 

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Mayhem’s goal has always been 100% Customer Satisfaction. 

At Mayhem, we 

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Katie & Justin are dedicated to Nashua & Salem:

Katie, Tattoo Artist

Katie, Tattoo Artist

Katie, Tattoo Artist

tattoo artist near me

Favorite Style, her own!  Katie is our edgy new school style tattoo artist &  Eyebrow Microblading & Tattooing.   

Katie is number one pick for tattoo near me at Mayhem Ink Tattoo in Nashua NH.  She has a large repeat customer base ranging from Concord to Lowell so always best to make appointment.

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Justin, Tattoo Artist

Katie, Tattoo Artist

Katie, Tattoo Artist

Tattoo shop near me

 He's been traveling around the country for about eighteen years as an airbrush and caricature artist. He has been passionate about tattooing and is now ready to take what he has learned over the years and make it full time. He likes traditional, neo traditional, and cartooning.  

Portfolio: coming soon
Tattoo near me? Concord or Lowell & surrounding areas stop into 

Mayhem Ink Tattoo Nashua 

Randy & Anthony are at our 369 S Broadway, Salem NH

Tattoo artist near me

Anthony,Tattoo Artist

Anthony,Tattoo Artist

Anthony,Tattoo Artist

Anthony  shared that his mother brought him with her for her first tattoo at age 5 & he put her second tattoo on her years later.  He is one of those lucky ones with natural art talent & started his tattooing career years ago building on his skills every day.  He joined mayhem ink this past summer & will be moving to our Salem NH location in Jan 2020.   
Tattoo near me, 40 minutes from Concord & 20 minutes from Lowell to Nashua or Salem, stop on in. 

military tattoo artist

Randy,Tattoo Artist

Anthony,Tattoo Artist

Anthony,Tattoo Artist

Randy is an army veteran, who proudly served as a Ranger & Black-hawk Helicopter Pilot from 2002 to 2016.  His last 3 yrs he served as a Search & Rescue Medavac.  Randy, CW 2 is a key member of our Team At Mayhem InK Tattoo in Nashua NH  Check out his tattoos. 

Safety Steps. Click Link: https://youtu.be/bH37wozl0zg

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tattoo shops Nashua

Mayhem Ink Tattoo

Best job in the world! 

Working in tattoo shops, doing tattoos, working in Nashua tattooing clients from Concord NH to Billerica MA. 

Eyebrow Microblading

eyebrow microblading near me

Licensed Body Art Practitioner & Microblading Certified

Licensed Body Art  Practitioner with special training in Eyebrow Microblading.  We provide Eyebrow Microblading in a private studio within Mayhem Ink Tattoo, Nashua NH 


mayhem ink  tattoo has been serving Billerica, Lowell , Nashua & surrounding area since 1996. 

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