Custom Tattoos in Nashua NH

Custom design tattoos in NH

Excited for your new Custom Design Tattoo?  You have some ideas but your not sure what will work & concerned about the cost.  That is why we offer a  Free Consultation!   Our Artist are brilliant at taking your ideas & thoughts to the next level and create the perfect design for you.  Please take advantage of our Free Consultation by booking with us via email: or call us at (603) 595-8282.  

Why Tattoo Parlor in Nashua NH ?

If you are searching for tattoo designs for your new custom tattoo look no further.


Talent, Experience, and Professional is what comes to mind when ask to describe our team of Artist.    

Pricing:  I personally checked out pricing & work out of Salem NH and Massachusetts.  Work was awesome & if you want to pay $1,100 for an awesome rose, 8 hour session, go right ahead but we will put the same quality work on you for $800.  

We know how to budget to pass the savings on to you. 

If your looking for a tattoo sleeve in Nashua or customer design stop on in. 

Tattoo Walk-Ins @ Mayhem Ink Tattoo

Based on Artist availability.

First Come, First Serve. 

If you didn't leave a deposit your are a Walk Ins.   See Walk Ins page for additional details.

Tattoo designs for your next custom tattoo.

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